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we are using Bartender 10.x and we are trying to do a batch print through an ACCESS VBA-application.

unfortunately with some printer-drivers we receive a Bartender warning #3703, which tells us that the printer

doesnt support the desired paper format and the only possibility is to click the dialog so the paper format gets automatically adapted.

This way we are not able to create a batch printing situation without user interaction.


we are using a label with a custom format.


any help on how to supress this warning would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance!





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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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This message is informing you that the specified label size is not supported by the selected printer, are you sure you wish to disable it?


When working with different printers with such differences in supported stock sizes you should design different documents for each of the required label sizes.


Once said that, you can certainly disable the message and control the default response from BarTender's "Administer>Application Message Setup..." option and search for the actual message (3703).


In any case, note that if you disable it and choose the "Automatically Adjust Page Setup" option as default, BarTender will try doing a "best guess" to adapt your labels, which not necessarily will offer a valid result.