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I am using HP LaserJet 4250 printer with PCL 5 drivers to print A4 label using bartender. Our ERP system creates BTW files and drop them in a working directory and then commander prints the label on designated printer. For some reason the randomly the bartender tries to print to complete different page size. Like this morning I printed around 30 labels on A4 and then suddenly I got message on the printer to load the complete different paper size.


Any idea whats wrong with it?




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Domingo Rodriguez
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What do you mean by "Our ERP system creates BTW files"? Do you mean that the ERP system generates trigger files containing the variable data to be printed for your .btw BarTender documents?


When you create the .BTW document in BarTender, make sure to specifically choose the right printer instance, and not the "Windows Default Printer". This will be done via the "File > Print" dialog in BarTender.


Send us the trigger files produced by your ERP system, the BT document and the Commander task list (.tl). Do this by clicking on "More Reply Options" button when replying to this post.


I suppose Commander is running as a service, correct?


Also, about how many times per day will the issue appear?