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Bartender 9.01
Print from database.


If we have some problems with print server(I suppose) we get next picture: bartender engine starts, send task to the printer, it appear in queue(printer not print) and silence... Bartender print job not finished, in application it hangs on this line:
Result nResult = btFormat.Print("Item Sticker", out btMessages);
Client application get timeout(web service), no bartender error... So we have queue from tasks and not closed bartender.exe and so while we repair a print server or count of bartender.exe exceeds maximum

Same problem if we print from windows, start bartender, open format, print and it hanging, no errors


Could we set bartender timeout? Or any other ideas to stop suspended bartender.exe?




Print to the HP 2035n(driver HP Universal Printing PCL 5) from database.(Windows Server 2008R2 64bit)
Sometimes may be twice a month when we print our stickers, printer may print some pages 1 or 2 or 4 then it could very long time(1 minute) thinking and start print job again from first page to the end.

No errors in log only "BarTender successfully sent the print job to the spooler.". Printer is connected directly to the network.
What could be the problem?

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Any ideas?

Ian Cummings
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Difficult to give solutions on the information given, but first off be sure to make sure the latest service release (build 2561) of BarTender v9.01 is installed:


Is this a web printing application that you're integrating with BarTender?  What form of printing are you performing; standard Windows or internet printing?


The default timeout for the "WaitForJobToComplete" is -1 which means it waits for an infinite amount of time.  If you wish to WaitForJobToComplete then be sure to set a finite timeout in ms.  Have you considered using the PrintOut() method instead?

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Release 2561


It's web service:


            // Start the BarTender print engine.

            // Open a format.
            LabelFormatDocument btFormat = btEngine.Documents.Open(labelpath, printer);
            ((OLEDB)btFormat.DatabaseConnections[0]).SQLStatement = SQL;
            btFormat.PrintSetup.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel = copies;

            Messages btMessages;
            // Print the format.
            Result nResult = btFormat.Print("OUT Sticker", out btMessages);

            if (nResult != Result.Success)
                foreach (Message m in btMessages)
                    alert += "Text = " + m.Text;

            // Close the current format without saving.

            // Stop the BarTender print engine.