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I am in the process of creating a barcode on a 1.25 x 1.00 - 3 up label.  I have setup the label with advance labeling choice. When I print preview and it is showing all three labels with the barcode perfectly in the centre but when I go to print it is printing the label in the opposite direction and only printing one label.

why is this not printing all three labels across and in portait view.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Dalewis,


There's probably some sort of page setup, or even driver configuration error; although I'll need more information to be able to verify it. Please send me the below:


1. What version, edition and build of BarTender are you working with?


2. Could you let me know what exact printer brand and model are you working with?


3. Could you attach your test document so I can see exactly what you are trying to do?


4. Also, could you send me a scanned image of your printed label for me to compare with the actual document?


5. Finally, please send me the exact measurements of your stock. I'll need the entire stock width (non printable areas included), the printable label size, and the size of the gap between labels.