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I am using Bartender 10.0 with Windows 7. We are just beginning to design all the labels and signs for our company. Some of our early signs print fine, the right text color and everything else.


But some of my newer templates do not want to print text color. Everything comes out in black text. i can't figure out what I did different. We have tested both templates on multiple printers, and 1 template will always print the correct text color, and the other template always prints in all black text.


I know I can delete the templates that are not working correctly and remake them using the first template. But I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. So far I only have 2 out of 4 templates that are not printing color. But I have a couple dozen more templates to make, and I don't want to have to remake them if they suddenly stop printing color.


I have even gone back to basics and started a brand new template - step through the wizard accepting all the defaults. and add one text field that I color red. It will not print the text field red on any of my printers.It alsways prints the text field as black.


Can anyone give me ideas of where to look for differences. I have tried looking at all the printer options, document options, field options, advanced printer and driver setup options. Nothing seems to work.


Appreciate any other troubleshooting ideas.


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Ian Cummings
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What printer make and model are you printing to?


It sounds to me that the printing properties is set to print in black and white for the particular document.  Check this via the "Print" dialog in BarTender while the document is loaded.  Next click the "Document Properties" button, and find the colour/black&white setting in the driver dialog.  When corrected be sure to save the document to keep the change as this is embedded into the document file itself rather than taking whatever is the driver default setting.