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When printing, is it possible to skip every other registration mark?
Example. 10 labels, If it skips #1 then prints a registration mark for
2,4,6,8 & 10. Is this possible?

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Ian Cummings
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Just to confirm: In your example, you wish to print a particular label object or data source for each and every even number of labels.


As my example you could create an object with an event based VB script.  Define a common varaible in the "Functions and Subs" section with something like: Dim varSnValue.  In the "OnPrintStart" section initialize the variable: varSnValue = 1.  And then in the "OnIdenticalCopies" section use something like the below conditional statement followed up by an increment on the counter:


If varSnValue Mod 2 Then
    value = varSnValue & " - Odd"
    value = varSnValue & " - Even"
End If
varSnValue = varSnValue +1
Taking the above example, just make the changes needed to implement for your needs.