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Using BarTender 10.0 SR4 Print station with Zebra 105SL printers.


Using the Master Label from the Caterpillar folder from the supplied BarTender Documents from the install.  The Only alterations I have made to the label are the data sources for the fields, there has been no barcode or font changes to the label.


8 of 9 printers print the Slashed Zero Arial font fine directly to the printer.  1 out of 9 printers changes the font to all barcodes.


Any Suggestions?



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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Slickson,


Please note that not all Windows computers have the "Slashed Zero Arial" TrueType font. When this happens BarTender tries to use a similar TrueType font when processing the print job. Unfortunately the latter might not always produce the same result.


I would recommend installing the "Slash Zero Arial" font, or simply change the font being used by the sample document to one you know your different BarTender client computers will always have.