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I am batch printing from an another software, I have prn files created by bartender,

But if I want to put spaces between pages bartender adds left arrow sign  in the prn file.

This left arrow sign can not be saved to my database as what it is, I think its not a utf char.

Is there a way to replace this arrow sign with another. I dont want this strange character in my prn file.



I cant paste this arrow sign in here as well,


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Shotaro Ito
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What Printer and Driver version do you use?

In seagull driver, that shown in Printer folder > right click printer icon >  printer properties > About tab > Version.

Try Disable Advanced printing feature in Printer properties > Advanced tab (That is for EMF spool, and Seagull driver doesn't use EMF spool.)


You can create very simple document and attach prn file as txt (such as output.prn.txt) and attach via [More Reply options] below.