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We installed the latest print driver for the Zebra110xi4. During our print job under the windows print queue overview it only shows the total number of pages to be printed rather then the total pages that have printed and the total number of pages in the document.




1/1000, 2/1000 it is only showing the total pages of 2000.


All of our other Zebra printers are showing the pages printed and total of pages.


Can you please assist me with this.


Thank You and your help is appreicated.



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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Kenny,


Note that such a feature depends entirely on the characteristics of the template being printed. If for example you are adding database printing and combine it with serialization, the printer won't be able to calculate which label is being printed at what time.


Also note that if you are not working with our Seagull drivers for your Zebra printers, many optimizations options won't be available that might help the pinter better process the actual print job. You can find our latest drivers for Zebra printers through the following link: