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I'm using Bartender Basic, I hope this is a simple question.  I'm using a template with 14 labels on it. I have 2 different labels I want to print on one page, label A and label B (both setup as different templates).  Right now, when I go to print it asks me the quantity to print and if I pick 5, it prints 5 of A and 5 of B.  How can I get it to let me print different quantities of A and B?  If I need 10 of label A and 4 of label B, how to get it to ask how many of each label to print?  Right now the only option I see is to print 10 of A on one page and 4 of B on the next page but this is a waste of paper.  Would the process be different for 3 labels, A B and C?

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Shotaro Ito
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In Basic edition, there's no great option - I would create 2 documents, and enable "Starting Position" dialog from Page setup > Printing Order.

Print document A x 10 labels, then print document B x 4 labels from 11th position.

Or you can design one large template to accommodate all 14 labels.


In Professional edition, you can use database connection to apply different data and batch print. 

For how to do see video below:

Reading Label Data from a Database or Excel Spreadsheet


Additionally, In Automation edition, you can select which template to print using template selector - see topic below.