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The bar code i print is imported from an external file (excel).

The syntax for example is: 356123123456123;ADC00000012345.

What i want printed as human readable is the long number until the semicolon (356123123456123), and what i want to be read from the bar code is the entire string (356123123456123;ADC00000012345).

i cannot find the setting for this. When i try and use the "Set Per Sub String" feature I get only one Visible Sub String (356123123456123;ADC00000012345), the entire string I import from the Excel file.

Please bear in mind that i do not wish to modify this string in the Excel file and i wish to read it with the bar code exactly in the same syntax.

I'm using version 9.4, build 2749.

Appreciate your help





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Shotaro Ito
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For BarTender 10.1, you can apply Transform for only human readable.

Apply Search and Replace transform with 

Action1: [Search and Delete Everything after] ";" 

Action2: [Search and Delete] ";" 


For older versions,

Disable human readable of the barcode. 

Create a text below the barcode, then get data as Object value (Label Object String) of Human readable of the Barcode.

Apply Truncation in Transform (more options) to keep 15 chars from left.

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But i didn't understand.

I'm not sure these menus exist in Ver 9.4