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Hi All, 

Have an interesting problem which I have not come across before. 

Producing labels via other software (ERP) which is producing a .dat file (CSV file) into a share, in which we are processing the file via Commander and then onto the printer. 

When I review the CSV file, there are 10 records within the file. 

When it printers however, only the first label is printed. 

I've changed the database file within Bartender and when I use the browse function I can see all 10 labels, however when I attempt to print or preview I only get the first label?

Page setup is set to a Zebra printer and I could not see anything special when it comes to specifying number of labels. 



Just to add some more to this, for testing I have just created a new Bartender project using the same database file and the Preview creates the 10 pages as expected, so it must be something in the original project causing issues. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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The record selection during the print ... check the document


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