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I have a problem where I have designed a label with an image on it but when printing the image quality is really degraded, looks like black and white checkers.  The rest of the label is fine.  I tried this on my own pc running windows 7 64 bit bartender 10.1 and found the same issue.  I then changed the dithering to ordered and the quality improved greatly but on the original customer's machine running the same windows 7 64 bit bartender 10.1 it makes no difference.  


We have reloaded the seagull driver, downgraded the driver etc.  If we choose an office printer the print preview is fine but when we choose the intermec printer and do the same preview the image is degraded again.  We also tried just snipping some of the desktop and pasting this on as a straight copy/paste to remove the image format or resolution as a cause and this made no difference.


If we copy the bartender file to another computer running the same network intermec printer and same bartender version it displays and prints fine.  We have made all the driver settings identical to the other computer.  Shy of replacing the PC we are out of ideas.


I attached a screenshot of the print preview of the image.


Any help would be appreciated.





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Shotaro Ito
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- Make sure the customer uses the latest version of BarTender 10.1 as BarTender 10.1SR3 had problem taking dithering setup.

- If the user printing picture file with transparency (alpha PNG, GIF etc), try use flat image (non transparent).


Open the affected bartender document, specify the printer (not the one with Default - specify printer explicitly), then from Document properties, specify dithering setting, then save.

Open the document on the affected PC to see if setting retains.