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Hi All,
I'm working on a small vb6 app that prints labels with customer details for the products we ship.
Each product we have is connected to a label format in a database.
What I want is that all products that have the same label format to be continously printed after each other. Now each series of products is printed on a new sheet.
f.e. Label A can hold 6 labels on a page
Product A - 3 copies - Label A
Product B - 4 copies - Label A
Product C - 2 copies - Label A
When printing there is now
one sheet with 3 copies of product A
one sheet with 4 copies of product B
one sheet with 2 copies of product C
what I want is
two sheets that hold 9 copies of Product A, B and C printed after each other as it is the same label and I don't want to waste precious label paper.

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Shotaro Ito
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When you print multiple labels with different data in a page, you need to have database connection. see this movie for database setup.

I would create text file (CSV database) from vb app and feed that to Commander.

Another option is create temp text file and substitute that as database from ActiveX. See this sample - though this is done by C# + .net SDK.