Font Doesn't Print Thru Commander 追蹤


I am looking to print trade Gothic lt std cn font 12 reg.


I am printing on zebra 110xi4 300 dpi printer.


It will print thru bartender print and run btxml setting.


however when I trigger the file thru commander I lose the fonts.


I am attaching both the BTM file and the XML file.(txt)


I did a tech support call and went thru many options and he had suggested to create new fields however after looking into the detail I discovered that it wasn't printing the correct font.



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Ian Cummings
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Open the document in BarTender.  Select the "File>Print" menu item and select the "Performance" tab, choose the radio button "Use settings for this document only", and then untick the "Warn when using true type fonts" checkbox.  Make a check of your document to make sure the font selected for each object is the one you want, and that font substitution has not been enabled.  Save the document.  Stop and then start detection in Commander to ensure the document is reloaded into a BarTender process for the next time it's triggered.