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Hello! Sorry if this has been answered before - I am trying to maxamize our new equipment and had a thought.


If I took a Zebra printer and our MT2070 out to my stock boxes, and could key in specific data that is then transmitted it could create specific data labels so I could create labels on demand for my stock boxes as well as create a CSV export for inventory with the scanner. Is there a technical document that will guide me through setting up this layout in BT? Basically I will enter the product name, SKU and location then I want those items placed in specific spots on a label, as well as a barcode created for the SKU. Thanks in advance, and I'm going to continue searching this massive forum to see what I can unearth.




Edit -  I found the videos and such and will start there - sorry for the post since there seems to be a lot of data on this topic!

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Ian Cummings
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I suggest you have your device generate something like a CSV text file and dump it down on a shared folder on the LAN.  Then have the Commander middleware detect the data file as a trigger, and from it generate a BarTender print job.  To set this up first create a document and link it to a dummy data file of the same field structure, then design your label with data sources for objects using the appropriate data file fields.  Save the document and configure Commander as per the examples in the below white paper: