Excel Column Formula Causes Bartender To Print Forever 追蹤

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Using Excel 2007 with BarTender 10.1. I am using Excel for a quick entry database to print off small price tags with some fields. Item, color, price, and a QR code that combines the fields (using an Excel column formula like:  =A1&" "&B1&" "&C1 ).

When I have a column formula like this, then a Preview or Print All labels tries to do over a million rows of data, even if I only have 5 rows of actual data.

Right now, the user has to manually enter the number of actual rows of data to print (like 1-5 ), but this is inconvenient. Also it takes BarTender a very long time to preview or show the print dialog (probly because it's trying to enumerate a million labels).

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Shotaro Ito
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I wonder in excel sheet you applied to the formula to all rows etc - so actual database rows got a million etc.

In excel sheet, delete all unused rows at bottom to see that fixed.

Also you could create a query in BarTender's database connection setup - like <Product ID> not= NULL, to filter out empty records.