Slow To First Print 追蹤

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We upgraded to Windows 8.1 some months ago and ever since we have been experiencing slow speed to first Print.  We also have speed issues with loading files (will put this in on a different topic)


So once we have gone through all the pre print selections and press the final print button it can take between 25 and 60 seconds to start Printing.  Prior to the upgrade this was almost instant.


We have checked all we can regards to network connections etc and have found no issues.


All print drivers have been re-installed to the latest versions.


Bartender 10 SR4 (also tried SR3)

TEC Printers (various models) connected via LAN and controlled by a print server.

Licenced by printers located on the Print Server


I've run out of ideas and ready to try some black magic ritual to get them working.