Slow Printing And Spooling Options 追蹤

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I have done extensive searches but haven't found an answer to my issue. I have several templates where we are going to need to print several copies of the label. Currently when I put in however many copies I need it sends all those as pages in the print spooler in one print job so the file becomes very large and the printer is constantly waiting for data. 

In our previous labeling software when we would send several copies it would send as one file and the zebra would copy it. so when printer I would see 1 of XX on the zebra as it printed and we would know how many copies had been printed. 


Now with bartender when I send a print job the zebra only says printing 1 of 1 even though we are printing multiples of the same item. Do you have any insight as to how we can set this up similar to what we had before? 


We are running 2016 R1 and using all updated Seagull drivers. 


Please advise!