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I inherited a BTW file that I am trying to streamline.


On the "Print [xxx.btw]" panel, clicking on the [Select Records] prompts for "PO Number:" dialog.  After selecting the rows I want to print out, and press OK, I am returned to the "Print [xxx.btw]" panel. 


Then when I select [Print], it prompts me again for the same "PO Number:".  if I enter the same "PO Number" from the [Select Records] panel, the same data is printed.


Is there a way to remove the second prompt?  Have only one prompt for the PO Number?


Thank you.


Edition:   Automation (200 Printers)

Version:  9.3 SR2

Build:      2725

OS:         Windows 7 Enterprise [x64], SP1.



Ps> I am trying to determine if the btw file is proprietary.  If it is not, I can post or email it to you, if it is needed.


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If you press Print and not select records does it then just ask you to enter the PO number once? (The queried records should be set to all and selected as 1,,,,, (this is the default when the queried = All) on the Print page