DIthering settings (CLP-621 drivers) 追蹤

Steve Wilson


When printing from our custom written application (Windows, C/C++) to the Citizen CLP-621 driver, it seems the driver is not respecting the Dithering options set in the Printer Preferences settings.

If we set the Dithering option to either "none", "halftone" or "ordered dither", then our print jobs use the correct settings.

However if we set the preferences to "Algebraic" or "error diffusion", then the print jobs seem to revert to "ordered dither" regardless to the setting in Preferences.

Apparently there is another program does not suffer from this problem, which seems to point to the fact our application is not configuring the DEVMODE structure (or perhaps something else?) up properly prior to printing. Although I am not 100% sure that is the problem because the driver seems to respect some of the dithering options, just not "Algebraic" and "error diffusion".

Can someone explain how to make sure a print job comes out using any of the Dithering options configured in preferences, or alternatively how to force jobs to be done using "error diffusion" as that is the one we need our prints to be using.


(I am the software developer, so any code snippets would be understood).

(If this is the wrong forum, please let me know and I'll repost the question on one of the other ones.)