Dropbox 504 error 追蹤

Joel Guenther


I'm having problems with Dropbox integration using BarTender 2016 R3. 

When I restart the computer that runs BarTender, the Dropbox integration does not start automatically. Instead, it goes into a Faulted state with this error message in BarTender Administration Console:

There was no endpoint listening at net.tcp://localhost:5150/StorageSite that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

After this error appears, I click the Start button to the right of the error message, and only then does the Dropbox integration start.


Unfortunately, the integration goes back into a Faulted state at least once per day. When this happens, the error message is:

An error occurred while watching folder 'dropbox://Dropbox/barcode_printing/print_jobs'. Details: HTTP request failed with code 504, message is Gateway Timeout


From what I've read, Dropbox may temporarily block access to an account and return a 504 error if there is too much traffic from an account:


I've tried increasing the polling interval from 1 second (the Integration Builder default) to 300 seconds, and I also upgraded to a paid Dropbox Pro account, but the error still appears at least once per day.

After the Dropbox integration fails with a 504 error, if I simply click the Start button, it works again.


Short of actually solving these problems, is there any way that to configure BarTender 2016 to automatically try to redeploy this integration when it goes into a Faulted state? I have enabled "Retry deployment on failure," but this doesn't appear to do anything.

If BarTender 2016 cannot be configured to redeploy a Dropbox integration after either of the above errors, is there at least a way to configure BarTender 2016 to send me an email or a text message when it fails so that I can manually redeploy the integration?


So far, the only kludge that I've found in BarTender to keep the Dropbox integration enabled is to schedule deployment of the integration several times per day for a week in advance. Since Deployment Plans cannot be recurring, this means creating dozens of duplicate deployment plans and then weekly rescheduling their deployment manually, which is extremely tedious.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.