How to upgrade Bartender 9.xx become bartender 2016 追蹤

Bayu Alf

Hello support,

My name is Bayu Alfriansyah, Techical Support From Duta Kalingga Pratama .

Just Info:
       Customer I have an application Bartender:
       - Bartender 2016 SR2 (BTA5) with 5 units of printer license (Already Install) installed on the PC A
       - Bartender 2016 SR2 (BTA10) with 10 units of printer license (Will Upgrade) .In upgrade on PC B
       Currently on the PC and still use version Bartender 9.xx.

I would ask is:

1. How do I upgrade Meng bartender application version 9.xx become Bartender 2016 SR2 (BTA10) with
    10 licenses printer. What steps should be done?
2. Is the installer (Setup.exe) 2016 SR2 bartender application can be used to install all the bartenders 2016 SR2?
    As BTA5 (bartender 5 printers license), BTA10 (bartender 10 licenses printer) and so on ...