Toshiba B-EX4T1 ink seems to be faded from left to right 追蹤



We're using BarTender Automation, latest version. We have 3 printers connected via the network. One of the printers mentioned in the title seems to be printing poorly on the furthest left label of a 4up template.

Not sure what the cause is, checked sensors, setup etc. Not sure how to change temperature as I think this is the case, how would I go about doing this? cant see it in the driver options under printers





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Jasper Wen
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I would recommend checking out our support portal articles for troubleshooting printing issues here.

Usually with Seagull printer drivers, you can set the darkness/temperature setting in BarTender under file->print->choose correct printer->document properties->options tab. Do note for some printers, you may not see some driver settings as they are directly set, stored, and pulled from the physical printer.

If you are still running into issues, please contact our tech support directly to open a support ticket to further troubleshoot.