GS1 DataMatrix - Customising (11) Production date to 8 digit instead of 6? 追蹤

Iain McGonigle


Is it possible to customize a GS1-Datamatrix so that the production date (11) will be 20160913 instead of 160913? Our requirements need it to show the first two digits of the year. However when we change it using the wizard it just appears wrong.

This will be used for a medical device which this barcode needs to have the following:

GTIN number

Batch Number

Date of Manufacture

When I use the wizard I select the first 2 and then production date, unfortunately I cant get it formatted the way we need it. Is this a GS1 restriction? Or is it possible?

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Sean OConnor
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I know this comment is 5 years old, however I wanted to mention: GS1 requirements for the dated Application Identifiers is that they are to be formatted YYMMDD when encoded. 

You can adjust the Human Readable to display YYYY-MM-DD if you'd like by using a Character Template. If you make this transform in the Human Readable section this does not affect what is encoded, as opposed performing the transform on the data source section. The character template would look like: (??) 20??-??-??, but with multiple fields you'd need to include those in your template which can get more tedious.