Conditional Printing when database number changes 追蹤

Justin Newry

Here's my situation.  I currently have Bartender 2016 Professional version.  I wanted to see if what I had was possible by upgrading to automation but I can't figure it out alone. 

I have an excel document database connected to our label.  We have product purchase orders that get 1 label per box needed.  Basically, bartender prints out Qty: 1 of 400.  There are multiple purchase orders so when I print the entire thing it's around 2000 labels.  

Is there a way to conditionally print a template that basically just says done when the purchase order number changes in the database?  I know I can do it with tons of different conditions, but there's not one for just a change in number.  My excel document is pretty much automated also, so I can't really add a blank row or change a row in my database.  

I upgraded my program to the automation trial to see if it was possible, but I couldn't figure it out with the conditions that it provided in the template page setup conditional printing area.  


I used the introduction to conditional printing support center dialogue to get me to this point so far.   Any ideas or solutions??


Thanks so much for reading!