How to trigger a second label to print when another one is printed through Commander 追蹤


I have two 12" labels that need to also print a 2" label each time the 12" is triggered by Commander.

I tried to add a second template, but that doesn't allow a different size of label to be chosen... Unless I'm misunderstanding that...? 

If that is correct, [and I can't add a different sized label with a second template], how to I trigger the 2" label to print when Commander gets the request for the 12" label?

Do I have to create a stored proc in the DB that also sends the data (and create another *.dd file) for the label or is there another way that I can trigger the 2" to print each time? 



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Shane Johnson
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For some reason this request is not showing up in My Requests section under my account. Is that expected? 


*edit: Never mind; I just realized that the post is still pending.