Problem with XP-360B 追蹤


Hello! Sorry for my ugly English. There is a problem with printing labels in Microsoft Word 2016 (OS Windows 7x64) on printer XP-360B. I installed the driver from Seagull – Xprinter TSPL Driver Version 7.4.2. In Ms Word the label has a landscape orientation, but when printing it always prints in portrait orientation and takes two labels. I will explain in pictures. 

Here is a layout of label in Ms Word:

So the printer prints the label:

But I need to print like this:

In Ms Word, in the print settings I am trying to change the orientation, but Word does not accept new print settings and they keep going back to the old values: 

I tried to print the label in BarTender, in this program all is printed normally and the problem does not occur. Also I tried to connect the printer to another computer with installed Ms Word 2010 on it, but there appeared the same problem. What can I do to properly print a label in Ms Word? I would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance!