Using vbscript for Printer Code Modifier 追蹤

Piquette, Eric


I am trying to write code to parse through the Printer Code generated from a template in BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016, by adding said code to the "OnPCMExecScript" Event. I'd basically iterate through the output file looking for a line to replace. I've used the sample code provided at, but it does not work as intended. The resulting output file (.prn) is always empty, though the last IF statement should be replacing each read line (regardless of whether "your criteria" is encountered).

I'd like to confirm whether this is due to the wrong Event being used, or if there are missing initialization statements? The short documentation alludes to the fact that the "ManualByteOrderMarkMode" method needs to be called prior to any "Read" operation, but offers no further comments or list of values.