Date format in all caps? 追蹤

Shane Johnson

I'm trying to get the date field to show the month in all caps.
Right now it shows :


I need it to show:


I'm using ddMMMyyyy as the code, but I can't find any reference on how to make the month all caps....

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Bob Steele
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Hello Shane,


Currently there is no way to have the month display in all caps using the date data type but it can be done, I have listed the steps you will need to take to accomplish this below.

Create a date data object and select the format of the date you would like (ddMMMyyyy) and place this object somewhere off the label

Create a text object and select Object value as the data source type and select the date object you have created that is off the label

Click the transforms tab and the options button to the right of the Character Filter transform and check convert to uppercase