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I'm having a problem with printing a document format on the Print Portal that contains a Query Prompt.  When I attempt to Print Preview or Print, the site returns an error and does not preview or print the document.  I tested this with two browsers:  Edge and Chrome, both return different errors.

Edge: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Chrome: Callback request failed due to an internal server error.

I can successfully run the label through the BT Designer, however.

For reference, I'm using BarTender 2016 R3.  The document is using a query pointed to a SQL database...the query was built within the BT Designer.

If I remove the prompt and add the filter directly to the query, the document prints with no issue.

Is there a configuration that I may have missed?

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Wouter Vanderburg
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Are the any leading spaces in the database field, like '   value' (CHAR() field) ?

In this case, make a view of the data you wish for en be sure to LTRIM(RTRIM()) this field.

Apply you filter again with the query prommpt and it should work

Jeff McClelland
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That's a great suggestion, I'll keep that in mind for the future.  


I thought I had followed up on this with the solution, but apparently I did not.  I contacted Seagull support and they had me install the latest build version (as of November 2016).  This solved the issue I was seeing.