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After the upgrade to BarTender 2016, each record is printed on its own page.

We are using the integration builder to print records from a text file (previously Commander).

The text file contains info regarding printer, copies etc, and after that, the records comes. It is only one text file containing all records to print. In the text file, there are 7 records, which should print on one page. This worked perfectly in BarTender 10. If I open up the text file in BarTender Designer (after removing the integration builder command at the top in the text file, just leaving the records in the text file), and try to print it, all 7 records are printed on one page. When printed through integration builder, each record is printed on its own page.

The command to integration builder looks like: bartend.exe /AF="\\ServerName\etikett.btw" /PRN="Printer name" /R=3 /P /DD /C=1 /D="C:\Data\BarTender\records.old"

What is wrong, or is there a new setting in BarTender 2016 that creates this scenario?

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Brandon Morrisey
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If this label was printing with all records on one label before the upgrade and now it is printing only one record per label then you may want to call into tech support and have someone take a look at what the issue might be.

BarTender tech support phone number: