Restricting combobox text entry to items in drop down items collection 追蹤

Tony Peterson

We're looking to allow users to manually select a combo box drop down list item or scan a barcode that will automatically fill in the item in question. However, we want to make sure the user is restricted to the list of values in the drop down list's item collection.

How can I script this so that when text is entered into the combo box, it checks against the items and rejects it if it's not one of those items?

I already populate the items in the dropdown with a vbscript, but when I try to do a full database query in OnProcessData for the data source, it froze up bartender entirely, so I'd like to be able to refer to the items I already set in my OnFillList script.

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If you have a dropdown list, the user already cannot enter their own data...? Am I missing something?