Let user design label after the data is fetched from the database 追蹤



We designed a BTW file that uses a database for its data-source and many complex VB scripts

I don't want the end user should be able to use the designer to change the label because it is to complex and may mess it up

however once the label is rendered in preview I would like the user to make any kind of change to the label with the actual content.

Can this be done with automation and how?


thanks Yon  


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Jasper Wen
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I would suggest looking at our white papers about some of our automated methods for printing under the automation section here.

You may also consider looking at using our companion application called Print Station and have data entry user prompts set on the BarTender document to allow user to populate certain data on the label. Print Station has a nice user interface for point and click printing and users won't need to go into Bartender and potentially mess up the label design to print. You can find more information here.

yona Tauber
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Thanks for your response however non of the whitepapers are addressing our needs.   

We make heavy use of "Command line" integration and also ActiveX.

our BTW makes a lot of use database fields and VB scripts

What we are looking for is once the label is ready to print  the end user SHOULD  be able to make changes to the FINAL label without seeing all the complexity and using the actual values that would print as if all the objects would be "embedded data"