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I searched the forums, but did not find an answer to my issue.

I have created a template in Bartender for serialized barcodes.  I turned on "Update sub-string after print" and used Application Message Setup to automatically save the template after each printing.  This makes sure that the NEXT S/N in the series is being used each time the user prints the barcodes.  Works great.

Although this is fairly fool-proof, I'm more comfortable with users using Print Station.  The interface is a lot simpler, as well.

However, Print Station is not updating the S/N sub-string after printing.  Upon each printing, it starts with the same S/N each time I print.

Any ideas?

BarTender V9.2 SR2

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Matt Merrick
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I have a similar situation.  I created a label in designer and it updates fine when printing from designer but to keep the common user from altering the design of the labels I have them using Print Station.  Print Station does not update or keep the last data for the prompts.

Why not?