Integration files using FTP transfers contain login credentials but do not use them. 追蹤

Matt Dolnik

If I have created an integration file that I have set up to scan an FTP site's subfolder for files to print.

Saving the file and opening the .btin file in a text editor will show the XML data that contains the configuration of the integration file.

Within the xml it will show the FTP login credentials and the subfolder it scans in the form of:

<ScanFolder Path="">
  <FileSystem.FTP AccountName="PrintServer" UrlAccountName="PrintServer" Host="" UserName="myUsername" Port="21">
    <Password Encrypted="true">SoMeEnCrYpTeDpAsSwOrD</Password>

If I were to take this integration file over to another computer with Bartender installed, and deploy it, I will get an error stating that it cannot find / determine the account "PrintServer".

In order to fix this I need to set up an FTP cloud service on the other computer using the name "PrintServer" and the proper credentials.

Why do these integration files have the FTP credentials embedded within them when they do not use them?

Is there a way to have Bartender use these embedded credentials, so I don't have to give the username / password to all users? (which is a security risk)