Upgrade 10.1 SR4 to 2016 SR6 追蹤


I have 10.1 SR4 installed in about 80 locations, across 5 cities.  We use the system database installed on a SQL Server so that we can share templates and have centralized logging.


A few questions

Has anyone else migrated a system database and used older versions on the new schema?

Will the 10.1 clients be able to utilize the database after upgrading the database to 2016?  

Will the license server work with older clients once upgraded?

Will the template files work with both versions?

Will the security changes break application access?



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L. Andrew Ramirez
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Hey Bill,

Did you get answers to your questions?



Pete Thane
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For the System Database query you may want to check out the comments on page 14 of this White Paper


(Basically you will need to upgrade both the versions and the System Database).

Older clients can "talk" to newer versions of Licence Server and  the same is true with label templates as long as they are saved as the older version. You can adjust the default Save As version in one of the menu items in BarTender itself, (in Administer>BarTender Document Setup), but this is probably irrelevant in this instance bearing in mind the comments about the System Database versions, since you will need to upgrade the clients to be able to connect to the new DB).