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I am new to bartender. I have to integrate bartender with client software. They have given to me files that say

Edition:        Professional Integrator
Version:        5.42
Build Number:   309
Format Version: 54200

I have 8 files. 4 are good and managed to open and save in new format. The other 4 make designer crash while opening. 

Is this some known issue? Workarounds?

I have asked support, but maybe here someone knows.


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Marcos F. Belville
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I have the same question. look for a good answer !!!

Peter Thane
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If you have an old Windows XP machine hanging round you could try downloading the BT9.0 installer from the Service Releases pages and try opening the 5.42 files in this version and if that works save them as v9.0 and then try to open them again with the latest version and see if that works.