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Marc Vasquez


We have a process we are trying to automate as much as possible, and I had a few questions about data entry forms and their use, as well as if anyone has a best practices or what they are doing to maximize productivity while reducing errors.

We have an eCommerce store that for the time being does not export what I need to enter in Bartender in any useful format.  We are labeling hydraulic hose assemblies with an older Zebra S4M Machine and have 6 pieces of data that must come from the eCom store to the label - Order #, Hose Type, Fitting 1 & Fitting 2, Length in Feet, and Length in Inches.

I have created a Data entry form that will put all these manually entered variables into the label where needed.  What I would like to do is be able to enter this data in Bartender, and have BT create a random serial # and then save the new serial # and data that was entered into a CSV, or Excel, or some sort of database.  That is question one - can I save the data entered on the Data Entry form into an external source.  Is this piece of the puzzle possible? Anyone have examples of how to do this in VBScript?  Thanks in advance and have a great day!

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Pete Thane
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I guess you may have sorted this as this question was from some time ago but you could just use the logging option already built in to BarTender and output the details you require into a CSV file without the need to look at writing out data using VB. Check out the Administer>Log Setup menu option.