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Jimmy Spowehn

Hi Everyone, someone new to Bartender so forgive me if this is a no brainer.

Edition: Automation (40 printers)

Version 10.1 SR4

Build 2961

OS: Server 2208 R2 x64 SP1

I have two questions...

1. When users print to a USB label printer does that consume a printer license? When I am looking at the license server I don't see any USB devices listed but I do know for fact there are some users who have USB printers.

2. Is there a way to restrict/control which printers can be used on bartender licensing? For example, all of our label printers are shared print server, however if someone adds a printer direct IP that creates a redundant printer connection in license server.

Let me know if I can provide any more information for clarity. Thank you.

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Pete Thane
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I guess you may have sorted this by now, but if not, in Licence Server you can tick a printer to Keep and so it is always one of the number of licenced units. 

I do not think you can block a printer from the list, but it will only appear in it if somebody sends a BarTender print job to it. 

Not sure why the USB printers are not showing in the list, locally connected units are appearing in my Licence Server app, although printers will "drop off" (unless set to Keep) if no print jobs have been sent to a device for 7 days