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Andrea Belli

Hello, i want to suppress (don't print) a datafield if his length is lower than 2 chars using vba script or some bartender tools.

The datafield name is Field("fileetichetta.Foglio1$.Traduzioni c3"). 

My version is the professional Edition.  

Thank You for the support! 

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Pete Thane
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Hi Andrea,

Make the field you want to suppress a VB Script > Event Controlled Script Field and click on the the On New Record option on the right hand side,

In the box on the left type

Value = 

and then from the column on the right double click on the field name to use in you database to make this the default value of the field

Next type in the following


If Value1 < "3" then
Value = ""
Else Value = Value
End if

Value = Value

Hopefully this should work correctly whenever a new record is selected to print from the database.