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Chris Cooper


I think I know that this may not be possible with Bartender 2016 out of the box but some cleaver bod on here might have an idea if there is a work round. I'm a bit rusty as not done any label design work for a couple of years and they upgraded bartender since then.

Most of this is related to the Print Time form and drop down boxes or text boxes.

We have a new label that lists Ingredients and Variety that varies based on the product chosen.  The product and the Ingredients are in one Spreadsheet, these vary between 6 and 11 items but they are not consistent across all products.  As the Ingredients vary across the products we would like to have the variety from another spreadsheet filtered by the ingredient


The variety spreadsheet contains (at the moment) the ingredient and the varieties.

Ing         Variety

Apple     Red One

Apple     Green One

Pear      Long Thin one

Pear      Short Fat one 


So if my ingredient field (1 of 11) is Apple then only Apple Varieties will show in the dropdown list.  Due to the product ingredients varying I can't fix the list of varieties.  If this was on the Template I could use a Query prompt but this option is not available on the Form.

Thanks in advance for any help.








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Dianne Mays
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I have the same need. Did anyone ever give you an answer?