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Hi! We have several devices that all use (more or less) the same label. For example: Some safety symbols are not necessary for one device while they are for others. Of course there is also a difference in reference number & lot number.

We've made a single database which shows which reference numbers need which symbols and a single bartender template which contains all possible symbols and at print time determines which symbols are necessary using the user-filled in reference number.

This works brilliantly.


But we want to go a step further. The devices also have box labels (which is a different size & hence needs a different template). We did the same trick here and it still works.


But we were wondering if it's possible to couple these two templates such that when only 1 reference number is entered manually both templates are printed (so we get two labels, a box label and a unit label).


This removes the possibility of user error where a unit label is printed with one reference number and a box label is printed with an other one.

We were able to couple the labels using global variables, but i'm not aware of a method of sharing search queries in the database.



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Tim van Katwijk
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So i've gotten a bit further with my problem: You can use the batch maker to do this (select the two labels you want to print in a batch, select the two printers the labels need to go to and voila!).

Now a second problem arises: I have a record picker in both labels where the same record has to be picked twice. Of course I only want to do this once. 

Is it possible to share a single form/record picker with two templates?

Allen Arthur Cook
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Until batch maker gets some more love, I have spun my own UI to do this. Where I collect the substring, prompts and push all of them to each label, using the print scheduler sdk, or direct to the print scheduler service if your brave enough

This generates a warning but will still work, so unless you are of the mind of warning = error it's pretty simple to do. If you don't like the warnings you should be able to use the print scheduler to divulge the valid substrings, keys, connections you can override, and use that to send only what you need.


Peter Thane
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You could always use Integration Builder to automatically print the other label if you have an Automation edition.

There are a couple of ways to do this

  1.  "pull" all the fields from the database on to 1st label including those used by the second label but not the first, but drag these into the unprintable area and configure the Log Setup from the Administer menu using the Text logging option. Configure the output file to just output the data, or if preferred include the Per Template Field Name too. Setup Integration Builder to look for this log file when it is produced and then open up the 2nd label format and print this as required.
  2. Similar to above but if all the information comes from the database you could just output the Database Query Value into the Log file and configure Integration Builder similar to the above but linkt that the data in the trigger file to the database filter field in the 2nd label