Labels X of Y Print too many labels 追蹤

Rick Turrentine

I'm new to the forum and have searched but not found any help.

I'm trying to print part label for manufacturing and am using the Serialization function "Labels X of Y" to create a label for each part. I am using an Excel spreadsheet as my data source. The spreadsheet is a list of part numbers and their quantity. I want to print a label for each part with a quantity shown as "1 of 18, 2 of 18, 3 of 18..." and so on. Each part listed will have a different quantity so my spreadsheet looks as follows:

Part #               Qty

121594               6

119974               12

121731                7

I have tried every setting in the configuration window but every time I print preview I get too many multiples of each label. For example I will get 36 labels of Part # 121594 all saying "1 of 6" then 144 labels of 119974 all saying "1 of 12" and so on. Every change I make on the configuration screen keeps giving me too many labels.