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Cliff Hammock

I am investigating the use of this software for badge / label printing at a conference. It seems very straightforward that we can use a spreadsheet of those preregistered along with a record picker to print badges on demand. I can also create a very basic form that feeds a template to print a badge for those not preregistered. However, we would like a record of those who have not preregistered when we print their badge from the form data they enter. Does the form data get saved in any way by default? If not what is the most convenient method to capture the form data they enter before or as it is being printed. Thanks.  

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Shotaro Ito
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Not before printed - but you can keep entered (printed) data after printed.

In Automation edition or above, you can leave printed contents on text file log.
In Administer > Log Setup > Text File log tab, you can enable Print Job Logging and specify what to log.

For detail, please check