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Christopher Dietz

Hello everyone.
Here is what I am trying to accomplish.
I have an address label template with a multi-line text box.
I also have a form that has a multi-line text box and I have it linked as a source to the address label text box.
Currently I can enter the address information text and it populates the address label. Which is working fine.
My goal is to be able pick from a drop down control (add that to the form) and have it pick from a data source, a local file directory with text files is preferred, and then have the content of the text file populate the multi-line text box when a file is selected in the drop down control.
I do have the drop down control pulling file names from a directory fine.
There doesn't appear to be a way to get the drop down list properties to get which file it currently selected, nor does there appear to be any event that I can write some vbscript code to execute when the drop down list is changed.
I am new to BarTender but not to vbscript and event driven programming.
I have to be able to edit the address, I cannot just use the address from a data source directly linking it to the template text box.
Thanks !

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Pete Thane
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Couldn't you just link the label upto a single database containing your addresses?

You could then use the record picker to select the address you want (or setup some form of query or filter to make it easier to find the one you require) have this populate the data fields/text box with the default address details that you could then overtype as required.