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I have about 650 barcodes to do.

My boss thinks that print station would be an easy interface for employees to use.

I have all of the data necessary in an excel spreadsheet.

I have a template made.

Using Embedded data

Works great and employees can see the barcode they want to print, however manually creating 650 .btw files is a very long process, Is there a better way? I am open to C# and Vb if necessary, I tried making and saving as barcodes just fine in C# but didnt find much in docs on changing the embedded data using a database so i can loop through the rows of excel and replace the values and save.(If this is an option)  

Using the Database with print station.

Using this approach

My issue is that the barcode doesn't reflect the actual database data ie showing a proper preview in print station until the user wants to actually print the barcode, rendering the gallery view useless.

Is there something I need to check off?


Ideally it would be great if you could create a template, attach a database and the check off a button in print station that would multiply the barcode preview by the number of rows in your database. 


Could someone point me in the right direction to find a solution to this problem?  


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Pete Thane
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Not 100% sure about your configuration but it sounds like at Print Time you want the user to select an item or perhaps multiple items to print from your spreadsheet but you want to see a preview of your label/barcode on the screen before you print the label. 

If you are selecting an individual record each time you could either add a Filter into your Database Connection Setup options or use the Record Picker (table with columns, which can also be set to allow multiple selections) to find the record (s) wanted, although with 650 to choose from this could be a slow process.

You can add links to either of these you can add them onto a Data Entry Form as either a Text Input Box linked to the Database Filter/Query or use the Record Picker/Dropdown to add your table onto this screen. You can use the Picture option on this screen to add a Preview of Template which will let the user see a image of the label after the record selection has been applied but before they actually print it, which maybe what you are trying to achieve.

For multiple record selections you need to configure the system to show you a preview of each record selected, which takes a bit more configuration. The simplest way I can think of achieving this would be to add the Preview of Template onto a 2nd Data Entry Form, so the user selects the record on 1 and then moves onto a new screen and sees the label image. By default BarTender/Print Station will only show the first record selected before starting the print run and so you will need to a add a text data entry box, linked to one of the other database fields (such as the product code for example) and configure this to be Read Only plus to have a Frequency of Every Record. 

I hope this helps