Event ID 600 and 601 error with a Seagull driver 追蹤

Pierluigi Defendi


I've just installed a new printer Honeywell PM42 using a Seagull driver on our printer server "pse-prt"

The printer is shared on our network and we access it thru our Terminal Servers.

Printer server is Win Srv 2016. Terminal Servers are 2008 R2.

I installed many other printers on this printer server and some are with Seagull drivers.

But this time I've got, on the Terminal Server 2008 event log, the following message errors ( which don't cause printing problems at the moment)  any time a users print something.

Event id 600 Printservice:

The print spooler failed to import the printer driver that was downloaded from \\pse-prt\print$\x64\PCC\honeywell.inf_amd64_3600e49973bf67bc.cab into the driver store for driver Honeywell PM42 (300 dpi) - DP. Error code= 800f0242. This can occur if there is a problem with the driver or the digital signature of the driver.

Event id 601 Printservice:
The print spooler failed to download and import the printer driver from \\pse-prt into the driver store for driver Honeywell PM42 (300 dpi) - DP. Error code= 800f0242.

I founf some info about this that seems it is a problem related to digital signature of the driver.

Can someone help me?





\\pse-prt\Etichetta 06

Modello:    Honeywell PM42 (300 dpi) - DP
Versione:    2018.2
Sviluppatore:    Seagull Scientific, Inc.
Descrizione:    IDP Configuration Module
Copyright:    © 2016-2018 Seagull Scientific, Inc.
Server:    pse-prt
Nome di condivisione:    Etichetta 06
File del driver:    Seagull_PrintModule_IDP.dll
File di configurazione:    Seagull_ConfigModule_IDP.dll
File di dati:    idpSS_2018.2.0.0.ini
File della Guida:    idpSSenu_2018.2.0.0.chm
File dipendenti:    ss#base_2018.2.0.0.ddz, ss#base_2018.2.0.0.cab, Seagull_V3_NetMonDispatcher.dll, ss#idp_2018.2.0.0.ddz, Defaults[SS]_2018.2.0.0.sds, ss#idp_2018.2.0.0.cab
Monitor:    <non specificato>
Processore di stampa:    winprint
Tipo di dati predefinito:    RAW
Produttore:    Honeywell
Selezionare il provider di dati desiderato, quindi premere Impostazione connessione:    Seagull
ID hardware:    honeywell_pm42-300-f90cf


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Pete Thane
評論操作 永久連結

Hi Pierluigi,

I would suggest for something like this that you raise a support ticket direct with the Technical Support team as you are likely to get a faster response to this kind of question from there as it looks to be a more technical issue than suits this user forum.

I know one thing they will ask if whether you have installed the latest driver release (2018.2)  so if you are not using these it maybe worth trying them first to see if that clears the issue. 



Pierluigi Defendi
評論操作 永久連結


I received from the Honeywell support center a new driver version


This is the Microsoft certified version.

With this driver I solved the problem.



Bruno Gäbler
評論操作 永久連結

A few days ago I got the same problem with printer model LP 2824 PLUS (ZPL). Updated to latest driver package Zebra_2004.4.exe without success. Kindly tell me how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.