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When in the 'Select Records to Print' screen, is there a way to choose what fields are displayed (other than show all)?

The label I'm working with only prints the manufactured date, so only the manufactured date shows up in 'Select Records to Print'. I want to be able to choose records by the shop order number, since some shop orders have the same manufactured date. Show all fields doesn't work for us due to multiple blank fields in the database. Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Pete Thane
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Hi Brittney,

If you are using BarTender 2016 then if you add a Record Picker onto a (Data Entry) Form you can then go into the properties of the Picker and select the fields you want to show as well as adjust the order in which they appear etc., which I guess will help sort out what you are trying to do,



(I guess you meant to post this in the Database Connections section rather than System Database, but never mind)