Bartender 2016 - Data Entry Form - SDK VBA 追蹤


Hello All,

we have recently upgraded our bartender from 9.0 to 2016. With the upgrade we no longer are able to use the Data Entry field screen.


Using PowerPoint with VBA


Sample code is below

Dim BarTender As Object
Dim dirfile As String
dirfile = Fullpath
Dim btApp As BarTender.Application
Dim btFormat As BarTender.Format
Set btApp = New BarTender.Application
Set btFormat = New BarTender.Format

btApp.Formats.Open (dirfile)
'btApp.Visible = False

btFormats = btApp.ActiveFormat.PrintOut(True, True)


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Shotaro Ito
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Hello James,

If you still have the problem..

You need to reference BarTender 11.0 From VBA project (remove old reference and add)
Make sure you've installed matching bit version - if you run 32-bit office, install 32-bit BarTender.

Ed Withee
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Did you every get this(Data Entry Form - SDK VBA) on Bartender 2016

to work.  We are trying to get the data entry form to popup after initiating print from MSaccess. I am sending a couple of values to the data entry fields and that work fine, but we need to enter lot number and number of labels to print.  Thanks for any feedback